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Deep learning for automated skeletal bone age assessment in X-ray images
C. Spampinato, S. Palazzo, D. Giordano, M. Aldinucci, R. Leonardi
Medical Image Analysis 2017 PDF

Deep learning human mind for automatic visual classification
Concetto Spampinato, Simone Palazzo, Isaak Kavasidis, Daniela Giordano, Nasim Souly, Mubarak Shah
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. 2017


Fine-grained object recognition in underwater visual data
Spampinato, C., Palazzo, S., Joalland, P.H., Paris, S., Glotin, H., Blanc, K., Lingrand, D., Precioso, F.
Multimedia Tools and Applications 2016 PDF

Gamifying Video Object Segmentation
C. Spampinato; S. Palazzo; D. Giordano
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 2016 PDF

Multimedia and Medicine: Teammates for Better Disease Detection and Survival
Michael Riegler, Mathias Lux, Carsten Griwodz, Concetto Spampinato, Thomas de Lange, Sigrun L. Eskeland, Konstantin Pogorelov, Wallapak Tavanapong, Peter T. Schmidt, Cathal Gurrin, Dag Johansen, Havard Johansen, and Pal Halvorsen
2016 PDF

Right Inflight?: A Dataset for Exploring the Automatic Prediction of Movies Suitable for a Watching Situation
Michael Riegler, Martha Larson, Concetto Spampinato, Pal Halvorsen, Mathias Lux, Jonas Markussen, Konstantin Pogorelov, Carsten Griwodz, and Hakon Stensland
2016 PDF

Generating reliable video annotations by exploiting the crowd
R. Di Salvo, C. Spampinato and D. Giordano
2016 PDF

Modeling Skeletal Bone Development with Hidden Markov Models
Daniela Giordano, Isaak Kavasidis, Concetto Spampinato
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 2016 PDF

The mediaeval 2016 context of experience task: Recommending videos suiting a watching situation
Michael Riegler, Concetto Spampinato, Martha Larson, Pal Halvorsen, Carsten Griwodz
2016 PDF

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