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Simone Palazzo
Post-doctoral research assistant

About Me

My main research activity focuses on the application of deep learning techniques (CNN, RNN, GAN) to several practical use cases, from medical image analysis to EEG processing to document classification. During my Ph.D. I have studied and compared different human-computer interaction modalities and related methods for integrating human feedback into automatic computer vision methods, both based on deep learning and not. In the past, I have also worked with video object segmentation and tracking for underwater scenarios.
I have a strong programming background (learned on my own) and a good mathematical background (thanks to my engineering studies), which usually take me to a "hands-on" approach when studying and experimenting with new research findings and ideas.
Work aside, I am very passionate about football (the round-ball one), music (preferably with a couple of electric guitars, bass and drums, but I'm not a fundamentalist) and books (mostly 14-volume-long fantasy sagas, lately).


Ph.D. in Computer Engineering (2016)

University of Catania, Italy

Thesis: "Hybrid human-machine vision systems for automated object segmentation and categorization"

Master's degree in Computer Engineering (2010)

University of Catania, Italy

Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering (2007)

University of Catania, Italy

Deep Learning Human Mind for Automated Visual Classification
C. Spampinato, S. Palazzo, I. Kavasidis, D. Giordano, N. Souly, M. Shah
Accepted for oral presentation at CVPR 2017 PDF (draft)

Deep learning for automated skeletal bone age assessment in X-ray images
C. Spampinato, S. Palazzo, D. Giordano, M. Aldinucci, R. Leonardi
Medical Image Analysis (2017) PDF

Deep learning human mind for automatic visual classification
Concetto Spampinato, Simone Palazzo, Isaak Kavasidis, Daniela Giordano, Nasim Souly, Mubarak Shah
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. (2017)

Fine-grained object recognition in underwater visual data
Spampinato, C., Palazzo, S., Joalland, P.H., Paris, S., Glotin, H., Blanc, K., Lingrand, D., Precioso, F.
Multimedia Tools and Applications (2016) PDF

Gamifying Video Object Segmentation
C. Spampinato; S. Palazzo; D. Giordano
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (2016) PDF

Fish Detection
Daniela Giordano, Simone Palazzo, Concetto Spampinato
Fish4Knowledge: Collecting and Analyzing Massive Coral Reef Fish Video Data (2016)

Fish Tracking
Daniela Giordano, Simone Palazzo, Concetto Spampinato
Fish4Knowledge: Collecting and Analyzing Massive Coral Reef Fish Video Data (2016)

Nonparametric Label Propagation using Mutual Local Similarity in Nearest Neighbors
D. Giordano, I. Kavasidis, S. Palazzo, C. Spampinato
Computer Vision and Image Understanding (2015) PDF

Superpixel-Based Video Object Segmentation Using Perceptual Organization and Location Prior
Daniela Giordano, Francesca Murabito, Simone Palazzo, Concetto Spampinato
The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) (2015) PDF

Rejecting False Positives in Video Object Segmentation
Daniela Giordano, Isaak Kavasidis, Simone Palazzo, Concetto Spampinato
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Using the Eyes to "See" the Objects
Concetto Spampinato, Simone Palazzo, Francesca Murabito, and Daniela Giordano
Proceedings of the 23rd Annual ACM Conference on Multimedia Conference (2015) PDF

A diversity-based search approach to support annotation of a large fish image dataset
D. Giordano, S. Palazzo and C. Spampinato
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LifeCLEF 2015: Multimedia Life Species Identification Challenges
Alexis Joly , Herve Goeau, Herve Glotin, Concetto Spampinato, Pierre Bonnet, Willem-Pier Vellinga, Robert Planque, Andreas Rauber, Simone Palazzo, Bob Fisher, Henning Muller
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A research tool for long-term and continuous analysis of fish assemblage in coralreefs using underwater camera footage
Bastiaan J. Boom, Jiyin He, Simone Palazzo, Phoenix X. Huang, Cigdem Beyan, Hsiu-Mei Chou, Fang-Pang Lin, Concetto Spampinato, Robert B. Fisher
Ecological Informatics (2014) PDF

A texton-based kernel density estimation approach for background modeling under extreme conditions
C. Spampinato, S. Palazzo, I. Kavasidis
Computer Vision and Image Understanding (2014) PDF

Large Scale Data Processing in Ecology: A Case Study on Long-Term Underwater Video Monitoring
Palazzo, S.; Spampinato, C.; Giordano, D.
Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing (PDP), 2014 22nd Euromicro International Conference on (2014) PDF

"Nature is the source of all true knowledge. She has her own logic, her own laws,
she has no effect without cause nor invention without necessity." L. Da Vinci."