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The mediaeval 2016 context of experience task: Recommending videos suiting a watching situation


In this paper we present an overview of the Context of Experience Task: recommending videos suiting a watching situation which is part of the MediaEval 2016 Benchmark. The aim of the task is to explore multimedia content that is watched under a certain situation. The scope of the this years task lies on movies watched during a flight. We hypothesize that users will have different preferences for movies that are watched during a flight compared to when a movie is watched at home or the cinema. This is most probably influenced by the context and the devices used to watch. In the case of being on a flight, the context is clearly different to normal situation (noise, compact, bad air) and also the devices differ (small screens, bad audio quality). The main goal of the task is to estimate if a person would like to watch a certain movie on the airplane or not. As dataset we provide a large collection of movies, collected from an airline, including pre-extracted visual, text and audio features.

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